Some important facts you must consider before buying gas secura

  1. This is official listing of gas secura safety device done by the company.
  2. The design of the product is patented by the company. Hence buying gas secura safety device will be much easier. As there are plenty of similar products available in the marketplace and their supplier claiming best product in India while they have no legal authorization and no legal documentaries like insurance policies, registration and many more to sell gas secura.
  3. Company has come up with the product liability insurance policy of Rs. 5 crores with United India Insurance Company.  That means anyone buying this product will be insured if any accident takes place after installing this product.
  4. Beware of duplicate products available in the market which design is same but its working is not up to the mark and also it will not provide the same results that your intend to purchase it.
  5. No doubt anything related to gas or cylinder it sounds like risky or hazardous products so, while purchasing related to this product checking first its legal documentaries, ISO 9001:2008 certified company, insurance policy is must.
  6. One of the best ways to buy or deal for the gas secura is from the gas safety device manufacturer company which has all the legal documentaries and papers from the trusted firms.
  7. The company must have the design patented certificate so that you can be assured from decisiveness.
  8. There are the dealers that are selling products with the name like gas safety device, lpg gas safety device supplier and claiming manufacturer firm and 5 crores accidental insurance, while they are not so please check the papers and insurance policies while dealing.
  9. One and only company like having manufacturing plant in India to produce this device as per the technical parameters required for safety purpose. As this product is only meant for safety from cylinders at your home. Hence buying from any unauthorized agency will not suffix your safety issues.
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