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Bringing Gas Secura to Indian markets, Our company has touched a very critical aspect of social responsibilty "Safety and Security". In Indian scenario, household safety and security is one aspect which is either completely ignored or just added to any product to confirm with any standards set to sell that product. But it is never considered as an integral part of any house hold device, ideally which should be a mandate.

Our company has taken the responsibility of drawing attention to household saftey and Gas secura is first step in this direction. While showcasing Gas secura to different classes of society we try to make them aware about potential hazards of using LPG cylinders carelessly. We try to educate them with best practices for using cylinders efficiently.

Besides this, Gas Secura also helps in environmental conservation by saving the leakage of LPG, which might have not caused any hazards, but have increased the comsumption of LPG for sure. Gas Secura detects even slightest leakage of LPG and shuts off the valve to save it. And in the developing country like India, saving non-renewable resources like fuels is a very big contribution in helping the nation to develop.

Our company has further plans to expand these initiatives to:
  • Vocational courses for safety devices
  • Entrepreneurship (self-help & livelihood generation) plans
  • Social awareness sessions for common public.

"We are contributing our best to disaster management, by providing best safety product and proper knowledge in this regard".