A. Gas Secura Specifications:

B. The Flow of Gas Through Gas Secura

C. How Gas Secura Stops Major Leak ?

D. How Gas Secura detects Minor Leakage (Leak Test) ?
The Gas Secura can also be used to check for minor leaks in your gas system (from the Gas Secura to the stove) by carrying out the following steps:
Step 1
Turn off all appliances stove, Gas Secura and regulator. Turn on the tap of the Gas Secura and the regulator. Depress the Gas Secura gauge a few times.
Step 2
Turn off the tap on the Gas Secura while leaving the tap of the regulator on.
Step 3
Now observe the needle in the gauge for 5 to 10 minutes. If there is no change in the position of the needle, then your LP gas system is fine and can be used as normal. A drop in the needle position indicates a minor leak in the system. Proceed to Step 4 to find the leak.
Step 4
Using a brush, apply a soapy solution (little detergent dissolved in water) liberally to all parts of the fittings and hose of the system.
Step 5
A bubble or bubbles will arise at the spot of the leak.